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CPR Training in Yokohama and Tokyo Japan

CPR course for all persons in Tokyo and Yokohama Japan.

This course is managed by official international training center of American Heart Association.

Full English text book, full English Video, Instructor use English.

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or FAX us at: Fax (045) 719-4322

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BLS for Health Care Providers

Heartsaver Providers

This class is for those who are taking CPR for the first time or have an expired CPR card. Covered in class are adult and child CPR, choking rescue. Use of the AED, barrier devices.


Course Content

The adult chain of Survival and the importance of calling 119

Signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest and stroke

Techniques of adult, child CPR


Airway- opening the airway

Breathing - checking breathing and performing rescue breathing if needed (with and without a barrier device)

Circulation - Performing compressions and ventilations

Rescue techniques for choking adults, children.

This course is appropriate for everyone in the workplace. A great class for families, grandparents, babysitters, schools, offices, parents, a friend, or anyone wishing to be prepared and help out in the community.

Covered in this class are adult CPR, choking , demonstration of AED ( Automatic External Defibrillator) and use of barrier devices. This is an Emergency First Response course and exceeds the standards and guidelines for the American Heart Association.

4 Hours.

AHA Certification is good for 2-years.

Not valid for healthcare professionals.

please contact us at:

or FAX us at: Fax (045) 719-4322


Heart Saver AED
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Heart Saver AED
Heart Saver AED

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